We value worship as an important part of our lives. We gather together to worship God every Sunday.

We hold two services:

A morning service at 10.30am

An evening service at 6.00pm

Services tend to last about an hour.

Morning Service

Our children remain with us for the first part of the morning service, before they leave for their own activities.

Once a month, usually on the third Sunday, our children stay in the service for our all age, less formal, cafe style worship. Before, and during this service, tea and coffee is served.

At all other morning services, we invite you to join us for tea, coffee and further fellowship at the end of our worship time.

At all services, members have the opportunity to read Bible passages and lead prayers.

Evening Service

Our evening service is usually quieter and more contemplative.

Home Groups

There are four groups which meet throughout the year in members’ homes. They meet on different nights of the week, usually every fortnight, to discuss God’s word with relevance to issues of the day and to pray together followed by fellowship and refreshments.

Everyone is welcome to join a group.

Prayer Group

A prayer group meets monthly at members’ homes. All are welcome.


A group of enthusiastic singers meets monthly to enjoy singing hymns old and new so that they can lead the praise in worship. Again, all are welcome.